Aside from catastrophic damage, replacing your roof is perhaps the most major home improvement project you can do. And not only are you looking at designs, but the materials used in shingles have come so far. Yes, of course, there are pros and cons to each type, but that’s nothing new because all products have those qualities. For this article, we have chosen 3 roofing types that are easily found on the market, and you will be a little bit smarter after having read this.

Fire Resistance

Wood shingles are gorgeous, but remember that larger roofs will cost more overall. You can go with premium cut shingles of this type, and these are actually cut by hand and prepared. Sometimes people want a more defined angle with these shingles, and then you’re looking at the added structure to do that. Wood shingles add an old European look to your house and are worth taking a good look at if you’re serious about this. You can find roof styles that will be fire-resistant, PVC is one kind and there are others treated with certain materials. And going above and beyond that, there are some roofing applications that will improve the quality of fire resistance. Be sure that your PVC roofing is firmly in place, and this is a precaution for storms in which very high winds can damage the PVC. Learning about all the things that are relevant to your roof and PVC will probably decide things for you as it just makes very good sense.


You very well could decide to change your roof from flat to pitched, and it does happen sometimes. Some shingles are of different thicknesses, and this can add what appears to be a higher angle but it should still look nice. As you can imagine, areas that receive a lot of annual snowfall are not ideal for the flat roof. The roof that is flat will need to be able to withstand a lot of weight, especially from snow and ice. Sometimes it’s easier to overlook any cons if you like the type of roofing enough. And once again if you are really totally lost, then look up something online and get some answers, and don’t be skittish about emailing these sites. Any time you are seeing something that compares well and the price is very low, then you could be buying very cheaply made shingles.