The best orders at Sears are not received by just skimming the sears homepage for the product you desire. You have to go a step further and create an account for bonus programs and other important emails. Sears can be a good place to find discounts mostly on Black Fridays. On that note, let’s look at some of the best ways in which you can get the best deals at Sears.


How to join Sears:

Joining Sears is free and simple. There are 3 things to do in order to join Sears to get the best deals. Also, you MUST accept their emails to get the deals.

Join the craftsman club:

Click on the craftsman name at the top of the page then join the craftsman club. For already existing members log in to be given your member number. Accept the email sent to you by craftsman.

Join on shop your way rewards:

Click on shop your way rewards link at the top of the page to join. For Sears or Kmart shoppers, you already have an account. Select the best way to join then go ahead and accept the welcome email from Shop Your Way Rewards.

Register to Sears:

Click on the register link at the top right of the page. Make sure you use the same email as the first two steps. Then accept the welcome email from Sears and then add your craftsman member number. You will automatically receive the best deals when logged on to Sears, Kmart, lands end or other holdings involving the company. This includes secret events for members and craftsman club. In future, there will be added secret member events for members of Shop Your Way Reward. You will be automatically invited to the events once you join Shop Your Way Rewards and accept their emails. Also, secret events for members may be broadcasted in other ways. But emails will the first to learn about them. What to receive in your mailbox.? Free Returns Receipt? Preview on Sales weekly? Member Extra Savings Openings? Member’s specific events.


Sales at Sears change most of the time such a way that the staff involved can’t keep up with the stores. The staff work on a part-time basis taking different shifts on a daily basis. Thus, they don’t normally get sufficient information they need to get the best deal. Like any other online retailer, Sears sells products from other third-party sellers. These include giant companies who sell directly to consumers or even people with items to sell in from their homes.Be careful when purchasing Sears specific brand, for example, Kenmore or Craftsman from a retailer online that is not from Sears. Always third parties will categorize Sears’s products on Wayfair or other online retailers. This is so as to inflate prices hoping to convince customers who want confidence in shopping at good online stores.Also in some parts of the country, many stores selling Sears items might be owned by independently. These smaller stores may have some different sales and prices compared to